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Felicity Cain is a practitioner in criminal law and migration law having practised as a lawyer for nearly 20 years. She has a range of professional experience in working in Perth, Darwin, Sydney and in the UK. She has worked as both a prosecutor and defence lawyer and so understands all aspects of the practice of criminal law. Felicity represents clients throughout the full range of criminal charges from minor traffic matters, though to homicide. She represents children and adults, those from non-English speaking backgrounds, indigenous clients, those with disabilities or mental illnesses or difficulties and others in our broader community. Felicity is eligible for Legal Aid Grants for all criminal law matters ranging from the Children’s Court to the Supreme Court as well as Violence Restraining Orders. Call today for legal advice – 0865581876

Felicity also represents clients with judicial review for refusal of visas in migration cases, in a range of cases as diverse as protection visas, partner visas and student visas. She also represents clients who may have ‘character issues’ regarding their visa application or refusal and provides advice on these issues as well as character issues for citizenship applications.

Felicity is an empathetic, plain-speaking lawyer who is passionate about social justice issues such as refugees, equality and equal access to the law regardless of background or wealth.

Felicity Cain – Barristers & Solicitors

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